Learning to Write Bills and Be Active in the Legislature


Check out my Class Wiki. This wiki takes students through many activities using several  web tools to give students the experience of learning about the history of the legislative branch, they will learn how a bill becomes a law, how to write a bill, how to get in touch with a local state representative and how to promote their ideas on social networking sites. I think that it is important for students to know how to get in touch with legislatures and that with technology doing so can be so easy. Students should know what that we live in a democracy and when things are not right we can change them. Laws are created to be debated, discussed and changed. I learned a lot doing this project. I did not realize how much time it can take to find all the various resources and learning how to set up a class wiki, was not easy, but now I feel that I have a much better handle on it. I am very glad that I was able to complete this project with having very little experience doing anything like this before. I hope that you learn more about federal and state legislative practices by looking at this wiki!


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