ToonDoo ScreenCast

Hello, My name is Kirstie Menzies and today I am going to show you some of the features of the tool ToonDoo.  This tool helps students and teachers create comic strips, just like the ones you would see in the morning paper. This program could be used in any content area to present all kinds of information, but since I am a social studies teacher and I am going to focus on the cools projects you could do in social studies. Teachers can use this tool to get the class interested in a new topic or help visual learners better understand a difficult concept. Toondoo is very user friends for students. There are many assignments teachers could give students using this program such creating their own political cartoons, making a comic that tells a story, or sharing their own opinions by staring in their own comic.

I believe that working with this program would fall Under the Maryland Common Core State Curriculum standards for Literacy in Social Studies Grades 6-8 Standard #6. This standard promotes the use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing. Using Toondoo students will apply the technology standards to the writing process as appropriate for different writing tasks, purposes, and audiences. To apply computer literacy and keyboarding skills. And to integrate multimedia and visual displays into presentations to clarify information, strengthen claims and evidence, and add interest. I believe that using Toondoo will build students computer literacy and give them new perceptive on content.

This is the main page for ToonDoo. To sign up just click on the “Sign up for Free” button in the corner. As you can see there is a free version and one that cost money.  For now let’s use the free version. As you can see it’s easy to sign up you just need a username, password and email address. I have already signed up so I will login in now.

Now I am at my homepage, where I can navigate through the site. As you can see form here I can look at others peoples cartoons, I can manage my account and I can get into the fun part of creating my own cartoon. I can check out all the cartoons I have created. Here I can share the cartoons I created with my friends, I can download in to embed the code into a blog or social media site. Now lets begin creating.

Here you see the different comic strip layouts to choose from. For now I am going to choose a simple lay out. Here is my black paper, ready to become a cartoon. Before I go any further I want to point out that if you click this question mark in the corner you will find all the benefits of having a educational account, but it does cost a little money. In the top toolbar I will find everything I could possible need to create my cartoon. You have your characters, your backgrounds, props, text boxes, Brushman is some clip art that is available, Special has seasonal things and we have more clipart. At the end here we have My gallery. This is where you can store your own drawings, create your own characters, and draw your own pictures. They can all be saved and used again. I think it is a neat idea to have students make a character of themselves and then they can star in their own comic. To make their own character go to my gallery and chick on my traitrs I have already created a character for myself and you can see it here. To create a new one head to the bottom corner and look for the same icon. Here you can play around with different hair, face, and bodies. When you are done you can give your character a name and use him over and over again.  

Since the 4th of July is coming up I would like to make a cartoon in this theme. First I find a background I like and drag it down. Then I put my characters in the picture. Then you can adjust the size of the character and their facial expressions. To add a talking bubble just drag in, resize it, and add your text. This is will a conversation between me “Mrs. Menzies” and a student talking about the 4th of July.  I will add the text now. Now my comic strip is ready to go. I can save it and it will stay saved on to my account, then I can email my cartoon to friends, or embed it in a blog. Thank you guys for checking out my screen cast on ToonDoo. I hope you have a lot of fun creating! Enjoy!


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