How To ToonDoo!

ToonDoo is a great program for students and teachers to use to make learning fun. It gives students the chance to be creative and original when showcasing their understanding of an event or voicing an opinion. Teachers can create fun ways to introduce a new topic and start a class discussion. This program makes it easy to create comic strips and it has an educational version that has private settings. When I am a teacher I want to teach middle school social studies and I think that this program would be great in a social studies classroom. Students could play out historical events, debate issues, make political cartoons, and put themselves in history. Students can create a character that looks just like them to be in the comic. In my comic below I created the girl to be me and the man is my Dad. I also have a comic with me as the teacher talking with one of my students. I would use these cartoon if I was doing a lesson on Independence Day. I could use it as a warm up asking students to make a comment of the comic or I could give students an assign to research a fact about Independence Day and create a comic displaying their fact about Independence Day in a creative way. The comics below could be examples of the type of work I am looking for from students. I think that comics are a great tool to use in middle school because textbooks can be a bit overwhelming. Good notes from a textbook reading can be translated into a thoughtful comic that students can be proud of. I think that these comics look professional and students will be excited to work on these comic strips and will be excited to show them off. Students will also learn important technology skills learning how make the comic look just as they want it to.

Under the Maryland Common Core State Curriculum Framework Writing standards for Literacy in History/Studies Grades 6-8 this programs aligns with CCR Anchor Standard #6, which states use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others. The skills we want students to find is to be able to apply and/or adapt the MDTLSS technology standards to the writing process as appropriate for different writing tasks, purposes, and audiences. To apply computer literacy and keyboarding skills at the intermediate level as defined in “A Companion to the Maryland Technology Literacy Standards for Students.  And to integrate multimedia and visual displays into presentations to clarify information, strengthen claims and evidence, and add interest.

I think that these fun comic strips from TooDoo really bring clarify to understanding a topic and adds interest.

July 4

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